What is Required to Go From a Learner Driver to a Seasoned Driver

Seasoned Drivers

Driving seems really easy but, just like any other activities, it involves a very long time to learn. There is a lot to get familiar with.
Seasoned motor vehicle drivers can instantly developed the many driving skills needed to be a safe motorist, for instance:

* applying the brakes, clutch, gears
* analyzing and applying the road rules
* making decisions about when and where\how and when to go
* looking out for matters that might lead to problems and then dealing with them.

New motorists spend a lot of time and attention on the physical knowledge required driving (braking, steering etc.) and then forget about the other knowledge which are most important concerning safety.

Researchers propose that it takes on average 100 hours of practice for a learner so as to proceed to drive automatically. Going through plenty of driving practice is valuable for almost every learner driver.

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