Welcome to EasyDrivingLessons.com. We are a driving tutors and internet authors at the same time and love sharing tips and guides about driving.

On this site you will find quality articles by us and other authors who present to you tips and guides on the topic of driving. Driving is almost a universal task and is part of everyday life in most cultures around the world.
Some nations (most of the British Commonwealth nations) have selected to drive on the left side of the road going forward and other almost all of North America, most of Europe, most of Africa and Asia have opted to drive on the right side of the road going forward. More about Driving on Wikipedia.

How interesting it is that mankind has broken into 2 divisions. Why it was chosen to be the way it is beats me. I don’t know and I thing it is silly. We are becoming more and more a global family of nations who are quickly heading towards a peaceful and harmonious relationship except for a few of those nations who make troubles to deter peace on this world.

Anyway, we really could not care about those lost who opt for non-peaceful living other than to say to come to your senses MAN!

I live in Australia and here on the streets of Melbourne we have nationalities of all the people of this planet. If we can get along here in Melbourne, Australia or for that matter Sydney, Adelaide and other great cities of the world then what to stop the rest of the planet to follow suite. Let’s all live in harmony, peace and truth toward one another.

Like living, driving is no different. We abide by the rules of society, those rules that were put there by intelligent people, to take iunto consideration of many factors, to look after the interests of the majority. So, let us all live and drive in peace and harmony without any accidents or road rage. 🙂

Drive carefully for yourself and for your family and for your fellow neighbours of your suburb/town/city and so forth.

Peace to all!

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